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Pamplona – San Fermin Ikastola (Spain)


“Ongi etorriak” to San Fermin Ikastola in Pamplona. In this school, there are 1500 students and 140 staff members (including teachers). In the Basque Country there are different models of school: in the “A” model all the subjects are given in Spanish, in the “B” model some of the subjects are given in Basque, but the most important subjects are given in Spanish and in the “D” model all the subjects are given in Basque, also the important ones. This school works on the “D” model.

One day consists out of 6 lessons of 55 minutes each, starting at 8:10 am and finishing at 2:20 pm. Every 2 lessons there is a short break of 15 or 20 minutes. They are used to eat late, that is why they have lunch at around 3pm, once they got home. 


Waregem – Heilig-Hartcollege (Belgium)


The “Heilig-Hartcollege” is a school that is situated in Waregem. There are 1800 students and 200 staff members (including teachers). The lessons start at 8:25 am and end at 4 pm. On Tuesday and Thursday, the students of the fourth, fifth and sixth year go to school until 4:50 pm. In the morning, the students are obliged to go to a large study room from 8 am to 8:15 am. They have lunch between 12:00 and 12:50. In the evening, students get the option to study at school, in the same large study rooms, from 4:50 to 6:30 pm. The students of the fifth and sixth grade also get the option to follow one, two or three hours of the subjects they can choose themselves.


Bushey – Saint Margaret’s School (UK)



Sykkylven – Sykkylven vidaregåande skule (Norway)


“Sykkylven Videregåande skule” is a school in Sykkylven, Norway. There are about 300 students and 65 teachers and other staff members. School starts at 08:15, and lasts until 15:10. Every class is 45 minutes, and we got 8 of them each day. There are also 5 minute- breaks between each class. Lunch starts at 11:30, and lasts until 11:55. We also have free periods during the week. During these periods you have the chance to study in the library or just relax. The library is open both during and after school. The schools also holds special rooms for studying, for example the lab, the auditorium, the physics room and the workshops. The school is from year 11-13, and during these years you can either study vocational courses, like Children and youth, industrial mechanics, and much more. Or you can study general studies with focus on either science or social classes.

Reykjavik – Community College of Breiðholt (Iceland)