6. November- 13. November


The Icelandic people went and picked up the people from Norway at 12 am and the Belgium at 2 pm. After that, we went to the FB the Icelandic school for some ice-breaking activities and got to know each other. At 6 pm we went bowling all the group together and had fun. After that eventful day, people went home and got ready for the next day.







Interview with the students

We interviewed two students, one from Norway and one from Belgium. We will ask them how their experience has been so far.


  1. What’s your name and where are you from?
    My name is Liza and I´m from Sykkylven, Norway.
  2. How was your flight?
    Fun, but terrible because I had to travel for a very long time.
  3. How do you like Iceland so far?
    Open people, pretty nature and cold.
  4. What are you looking forward to doing this week and why?
    Geysir and the Blue Lagoon.
  5. What’s the most notable difference between your school and FB?
    Much bigger school, more people and how the classes is organized. In FB, each student can pick what he wants on his schedule, you have a list of courses that you need to finish and can take your time graduating. While in Norway you are handed a schedule, and follow it.

  1. What’s your name?
    My name is Jasmien and I’m from Waregem, Belgium
  2. How was your flight?
    My flight was pretty good actually, we left on time and that doesn’t happen a lot in Belgium.
  3. How do you like Iceland so far?
    I think it’s a really beautiful country, lots of nature but also a big city so it´s not just nature, the language is very weird.
  4. What are you looking forward to doing this week and why?
    Trip on Wednesday to visit nature and beautiful things.
  5. What’s the most notable difference between your school and FB?
    FB is very free, HHC is very strict and we have to be on time. You are all individuals and not groups like there are different schedules for everyone.

Today we all got our tasks that we`re going to work with this week. Some people are writing essays, and others are making videos. Every task is connected to technical devices. Our assignment is to be the paparazzi and we will be taking photos and writing on this blog through the week.


Cooking Together

This evening we all cooked together. The Norwegian people made the appetizer – wraps with salmon, salat, and cream. The Icelandic people made the main course – a delicious meat soup with vegetables and rice. They also brought some Icelandic traditional food; rotten shark and lamb- head and intestines. People had mixed feelings about these traditional foods. And in the end, the Belgium people served the dessert – a tasty chocolate mousse. We all had a lovely meal together. Later, the Norwegian and the Icelandic people went to yoyo to buy frozen yogurt with candy.


  Syver is 16 years old. He likes to hang out with his friends and to play football. History, geography, and gymnastics are his two favorite subjects at school. Syver lives with his parents and his two younger sisters. He also has an older sister who lives in Oslo.

Emma is 16 years old. She lives with her parents and her cat, Sofus. She also has to older siblings. Her favorite subject in school is history. Emma likes to hang out with her friends in her spare time.

Mads is turning 16 years old 13th November. He lives with his parents and his younger sister. Mads has an older brother as well, who lives Trondheim. Mads likes to draw and to watch series. He’s currently watching Game Of Thrones.


Marian is 16 years old. She lives with her parents and her younger brother. She likes to work out and to hang out with her friends. Her favorite subjects are science and German.

Liza is 16 years old and she likes to draw and watch movies. Her favorite subject is science. Liza lives with her parent s and her cat Persik.

Hans Marius is 16 years old. He likes to shoot and hunt in his spare time. His favorite subject is history. Hans is living with his parents and his twin sister.

Atli is 19 years old. He likes to hang out with his friends and watch TV. My favorite subject at school is the one when I build a summerhouse. Atli lives with his mom and his brother.

Elín is 18 years old. She likes to hang out with her friends and family. She study’s cosmetology and loves that. Elín lives with her parents and one younger sister. She has two older siblings that don’t live at home.

Andrea is 17 years old. She likes to watch TV and read books. History and science. Andrea lives with her parents and her little brother. She has one older brother that doesn’t live at home.

Elísabet Nótt is 19 years old and studies art. Her favorite subject is art. Her hobbies are working out at the gym and drawing. She lives with her mom and grandpa

Kolbrún Eva is 19 years old and enjoys sociology and gym. Her hobby is working out. She lives with her mom, her stepdad and two younger sisters who are twins.

Samúel (aka Sammi) is 18 and enjoys history and science. His hobby is politics. He lives with his mom and younger brother, along with two foster sisters.

Björgvin is 19 and enjoys programming. His hobby reading books and he lives with his dad, his dad’s girlfriend, her daughters and his little sister.

Oddný is 18 years old and enjoys gym class. Her hobby is sports and she lives with her mom, little sister, grandparents and her great grandpa.

Helga (aka Kitty) She is 18 and enjoys English class. Her hobbies are reading and watching shows and movies. She lives with her mom.

Nökkvi is 19 years old and enjoys geology and math. His hobby is making music and he lives with his mom and dad.

Chloé is 17 years old. She likes to read, watch movies and series. She also likes to run, swim and cyclist. Her favorite subjects are biology and history. She doesn’t like the subjects German and maths. Her dream is to travel across the world. She lives with her parents and little brother of 12 years in Beveren-Leie, a small and cozy town. She studies Latin and science.

Emma is 17 years old and lives in Desselgem. This city belongs to Waregem. She has a twin brother and also a little brother of four years. In her leisure time, she reads, dances and likes to watch movies. She studies Latin and maths, so She likes the subject maths. Her life goal is to have a close family and to be very happy.

Matteo lives in Anzegem, a little town next to Waregem. He studies office management and languages. He has two older brothers and a dog. His favorite subjects at school are physical education, religion, and English. He likes to go to parties and working out. His life goal is to have a good and nice job and being healthy.

Jasmien likes to act and to do theater. She’s always very busy. She has two older sisters. She lives in a small town called Oostrozebeke. She studies Latin and math’s and likes the subject maths. Her life goal is to be very happy with someone she loves and having a good job that she likes. She always tries to make the best of things and to be very enthusiastic.

Maxim studies office management and languages. He has two younger brothers and lives in Otegem. His favorite subjects are history, German and English. He is a very easy-going person and always try to be very positive. He likes reading, going to the chiro and going out with his friends. One of his main goals is to set up an own company and to travel the world.

Andrea is 17 years old. She likes to dance, to go to the Chiro and to listen to music. She laughs a lot. She has one older brother and one younger sister. She has a dog called Boris. She lives in Wielsbeke. She does Latin and mathematics. Her life goals are to travel around the world and to have a Nice family.

The Golden Circle

Today we went to The Golden Circle. The first stop was in Hveragerði. We bought food, and some of us also went into a small house too feel the earthquake in Hveragerði from 2008. We first visited Geysir. A Geysir is a hot spring of water ejected turbulently by steam. Everyone was fascinated by them. After an hour we went further to Gullfoss – an iconic and beautiful waterfall. Despite the foggy and cold weather, it was a beautiful sight of the untouched nature. Our last stop was at Þingvellir – a national park. This park is laying close to the biggest lake in Iceland, Þingvallavatn. This place is both a historical, cultural and geological attraction. We went for a walk through the crack between the North American- and the Eurasian tectonic plates. Even though the weather wasn`t on top the whole day, we all had a great trip together, with lots of beautiful and fun experiences.

This photo shows how big the earthquake was in Hveragerði 2008

Between Europe and North America








How was it?

Chloé: Yesterday was very beautiful. The places we visited were really breathtaking. We closed the beautiful day with the Belgian delegation. We went skating and eating a pizza. After that, we saw the northern light.

Emma: it was a really beautiful day. I was impressed with how beautiful Iceland is. Nature isn’t so beautiful in Belgium. The day ended well with going skating and eating pizza.

Elín: It was very fun to see the Belgian people enjoy the beautiful nature. Eating pizza and skating was very cool to end the day.

Jasmien: I got to sleep long So that’s was Nice. We saw a lot of beautiful places and we had a lot of time to experience them. I liked that we went skating. Sam wasn’t so good and he was so funny. The pizza was very delicious.

Hans: It was nice. There were many people there. The shops were very big.

Óðinn: the national park was the most beautiful aspect of the day. I was very impressed.

Andrea: The beautiful nature that we saw yesterday was really breathtaking. We enjoyed this trip. After this, we went skating. We had a lot of fun. Then we ate a tasty pizza. It was a beautiful day.

Elisabet: We played pool yesterday and that was the first time I did it. That was very nice.

Maxime: the nature was very beautiful. There were only Good vibes in my heart When I saw the mountains. I really enjoyed it.

Marian: It was very interesting. We went to Kosko. Nature was beautiful.

Þingvellir walking path


Today we kept up with the project. People made examinations and presentations about the work we`ve done so far. Tomorrow, we`re all going to present this project to the rest of the group. Some of us went to the ghetto-ball as well.




Everybody´s experience

Chloé: Wednesday was the best day of the week because we visited a lot of beautiful places: Geysir, Gullfoss, and the national park. The city looks really nice and so much more different when it snowed. We have really close and funny group and there’s always some ready to talk to you. We still have a nice weekend ahead of us, so I hope it will be fun.

Andrea: it was really fun. I was scared that it wouldn’t be fun. But it was already so nice. I like the group.

Liza: It’s very fun. My exchange student is a really nice person. 

Emma: It was a week where I learned a lot about different cultures. The snow is really nice. It’s a long time ago that we had seen snow in Belgium. The group is very cool. 

Óðinn: it was new, fun, hard but very nice to get know everyone. The cooking together was really tasty. The activities were very funny but we could do a lot of more.

Jasmien: it was a nice week. I learned a lot about different cultures. But I prefer our school because I like the strict structure. I like that we did a lot with the whole group. We saw beautiful things and they organized it well. It’s nice that everyone can drive a car.

Hans: it was very fun.

Marian: it was really exciting. I got to know many people. We did a lot of cool activities. I like the group very hard.

Elin: it was very fun. I like the group a lot. We get along very well.

Björgvin: I really liked this week. I had a lot of fun.

Elisabet: it was really amazing. It was so nice to meet and know everyone. It was nice to show the Belgian and Norwegian students our country.

Andrea: I met a lot of new people. The group is very cool. We saw a lot of the beautiful country. I really appreciate the effort of the Icelandic students. I had a great time!

The weekend

In the weekend, we will use the rest of our time together to look more around Iceland and enjoy our time. On Sunday we will look at Reykjanes and go to the Blue Lagoon.

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon and Northern Lights