Author: Emmanuel Vercruysse

Belgian Meeting

A big meeting in Belgium ended in a testing ground for several apps, games and software to its educational value. Nintendo, Ubisoft and Larian Studios were but a few of the developers and publishers that provided us with testing material. The results? See our fabulous digital and interactive magazine, thanks to Make IT Epic:

Belgians in Bushey

4 Belgians close to a world city in a boarding school, that is something we wanted to test. Host school St. Margaret’s in Bushey took the delegation under their wings and they showed them their school premises and the nearby facilities. They also worked a lot on the project. A photo documentary!

Belgian Meeting

During the big meeting in Belgium, the aim was to test different apps and games. We got the cooperation from Ubisoft, who presented the Assassins’ Creed Discovery Tour in our hub for the meeting, the Biblab in Waregem and all the delegations present researched new apps and games to their educational value. We constructed (together with Make IT Epic) the digital interactive magazine ‘Erasmus Discovery Tour. You are only one click away from a lot of reading and watching fun!

Company Visit to DAE

On Wednesday 25/01, during the Belgian exchange week with Iceland and Norway, we were invited to DAE. The Digital Arts and Entertainment-section of the Howest-highschool was kind enough to show us around and explain to us their focus on new digital media and technical innovations. We were even allowed to experiment with VR-goggles. And… we invited a camera crew. Until we upload the video, have fun with the pics! And please have a look at their site at

What do we think about Pamplona?

After spending almost a week in Pamplona with the Belgian and Norwegian students, we were curious about what their opinion on the city was. In this video you see a couple of impressions of the students.

What do people think about apps?

The actual purpose of this Erasmus+-project is to develop an app. But what do people think about apps? We interviewed some teachers in Waregem.

What does “Crossroads with the future” mean?

You are now discovering the site of Crossroads with the future. The problem is, apparently nearly nobody knows what it exactly means, according to the answers we got in the video. Do you finally want to know what it exactly means? Watch, and enjoy!

What is Erasmus + ?

Crossroads with the future is one of the programs within Erasmus+. In this video, some pupils tell you more about what Erasmus+ is, and how it works.


Welcome to “Crossroads with the future”

In this new Erasmus+ project we enter the first year of exploration in all kinds of colleges, universities and companies who provide or assist in the development of apps and digital learning methods. The intention is to develop our own educational app (or apps) in a period of three years. We are working with partners from Iceland (Reykjavik), Norway (Sykkylven), the U.K. (Bushey), Spain (Pamplona, Basque country) and Belgium (Waregem).

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