Tuesday the 25th of October we went to Bruges. To explore the city we played a little game, called geocaching. To play the game, we divided our group into four mixed groups. We also needed to follow an app that we recently installed on our phone. On the app we could see a map of Bruges with different touristic places. Once we got there we had to do little tasks. This was a very funny way to explore the city. By using the app, we did not only use the touristic streets, but we also went through the smaller streets.  Finally, we met again at the Market Square in the centre of the city.

Our impression about the city was that it was very touristic. Everything that we saw there was in English and designed to attract travellers. Something spectacular about the city is that, instead of cars, there were a lot of horses and carriages. That is something very special.

The houses look very old, but they are good preserved. The ground floor was mostly rebuilt, as there were a lot of shops, but the first floor was still in its original state. That was very beautiful about the city. Also the shops looked very modern, but they had still the authenticity of the old village.

After that, we went to lunch with our exchange students. Some of them took a sandwich, others went to eat a hamburger.

After we had lunch, we went to the Chocolate Museum just out the centre of Bruges. When we entered we got chocolate to taste. The Chocolate Museum offered us a lot of information about the history of chocolate. We also learned a lot about its production. On a wall in the top room there was information about chocolate, from which we learned that chocolate does not make you fat and eating chocolate can be good for the cholesterol. We wondered if these facts were true. We thought that they are false and that they just wanted to encourage us to buy some chocolate. In the museum they used several ways to give us information, for example via a short movie or Playmobil. At the end, a chocolate maker showed us how to make pralines. During the presentation we also tasted some chocolate and when the chocolate maker finished, he let us taste the pralines.

We enjoyed the visit a lot but we did not learn very much. We asked some students about their experiences. According to them, they have not learned very much, as they said that there was too much text instead of just simple explanation. Anyway, they loved to taste the chocolate. When we left the museum we all got a delicious chocolate bar.

After our visit to the museum we went back to the train station. As we were back in Waregem, we all went to the most popular bar, Bar Choque. In the bar the Basque people could taste Belgian beer. Then, some of us went to a rugby training and played football together once the training was finished. We really enjoyed it, but after the game we were dirty. And that was the end of an amazing day with a lot of fun and friendship.

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