On March 14th twenty students were divided into 5 groups and were giving a project to make “the perfect school app”. The idea behind creating “the perfect school app” is very obvious from its title, creating something that is perfectly useful and handy for everyone who is in school. Both for students and teachers to have everything in one place and giving them easier access to their studies and work.

The ideas from each group were very similar to each other. The basics of information were put into brainstorming the app and some had very unique ideas. Students had one day to prepare their apps or at least come up with ideas and theme for it so they can present their ideas the day after where voting goes down.

Groups came up one by one to present their brainstorms. During one presentation an argument was made where Mrs. Pétursdóttir asked about the idea they gave about being recorded in class so you don’t miss out or fall behind the others. Group number one took the victory with the app called “My school”. They stood out with their phenomenal presentation where basic information were upgraded and unique and useful ideas were put into their application such as helping other students and get points for it or getting the view of the parking lot.