In mid-March, six Year 12s went to Iceland to participate in the Erasmus Project. This project was based on digital technology, to create an app for school, which contains different information for students, teachers and parents. We were joined by Belgium as well as other Icelandic students who were also part of the project. Each team worked on a specific part of the app, for example, one team was from the design, another for the finance.

However we were not working for the whole trip. On the first night, went to the Blue Lagoon, which is one of the most amazing places to visit in Iceland. It is known for its natural heated pools (the geometric spas) and also has herbal masks, which make you look like ghosts. We were also lucky enough to see the Northern Lights that day which was a once in a lifetime experience, however wasn’t rare for the Iceland girls.

Our partners, who were incredibly lovely girls, took us out to some tourist sites where we saw many natural beauties. One of my personal favourites as the ‘Geysir’ (Geyser); these are natural holes in the land where once in a while 80-100 degrees boiling water erupts from them. Every time one erupted we all ran away so we didn’t get soaked, even though my plan failed and I was wet from head to toe!

Overall, Iceland is completely different from England, especially the schooling system since it is much bigger and people at the college can be of any age from 16 to study here. In the future we would like to visit Iceland again and see all of our partners again, who are now some of the best friends we have, and hope that they come back to England.