The schooldays and their hours

So the schools start about at the same time. In Iceland, everybody has a different schedule. The school day of the students is depending on their schedule. In Belgium, on Monday and Friday the school ends at 16h, on Tuesday and Thursday at 16h50 and on Wednesday at 12h. You have a lot of short breaks in Iceland, but in Belgium you only have three. Two breaks of 20 minutes and one break of an hour and a half.


The schools in Belgium are very strict. You have to follow every single lesson and you can’t be on your phone in the school buildings. You can only use your phone during a break when you’re on the playground. In Iceland it’s the opposite, you can chose whenever you want to use your phone and you can skip a class if you want to. In Iceland, it’s just your own responsibility. So in Iceland you have more freedom and responsibility then in Belgium.

School restaurant and food

In the two schools, you have a school restaurant. The difference is that in Iceland, you can chose whatever you like to eat or even go out of the school to go get something you like. But in Belgium, everyone of the whole school eats the same menu (either you like it or not). The food in the Belgium school is homemade by their kitchen team.

Both of the schools have their own pros and contras, but they are both great schools to go to.