Icelandic student visit to England

We arrived to St Margaret’s late on Saturday. Mrs Faherty welcomed us very warmly and showed us the rooms, they were nice. The first day started off unusual compared to what we are used to, and we went to the chapel. We spent the day in St Albans, where we walked around the town and visited Verulamium which is a old Roman city.On monday we finally got to meet the girls and we did some fun activities about the project. We learnt about what programming is and when it is used. We also got to experience the basics of it.

The english students showed us how to use Python, Scratch, MicroBit and we programmed a tank. We did not have any experience with programming before we came here and we found it was easy and fun. We spent the evening at Megajump with the English students, we had a lot of fun and it was a new experience, we do not have anything like it at home.

We went sightseeing with our teacher around London. We saw Buckingham palace, Big Ben, London eye and we walked down Oxford Street. It was a fun and new experience for us to go to London where there are a lot of people, big and old buildings and different culture.

The next day was a lot of work. We to a lesson with Year 9 in Mathematics and they were using a software called MyMaths. Then we made a questionnaire about what they were doing and how they liked to use the software. We sent it to their teacher and they had two days to answer the questionnaire. We also to a class with Mrs Soulsby, she is the computer teacher. We talked about programming, the future and technology. Then we wrote paragraph about what we talked about. We spent the evening bowling with the english students.

We took the Jubilee line to London and went to the Science museum. In the museum we visited 3 showrooms, Information age, Mathematics, Data analysis. We got to see everything and we read a lot of new information. The museum was really big and interesting to explore.
Our favorite Data analysis because it was something that was all new to us. We realised how big the internet is and how everything we do on the internet goes to the data. It caught our attention how everything we saw and tried was programmed. After the science museum we got something to eat, we went to Vapianos and then we had rest of the day off.

Friday we did some finishing touches on our project. We reviewed the responses from the questionnaire we assigned for Year 9 students. We started the main questionnaire for the Erasmus project on Digital learning. We worked on the things that went wrong in questionnaire for Year 9 and learnt from our mistakes. We got a fascinating EPQ presentation about Women’s rights In ancient Greece. The headmistress talked to us about how to perform a good presentation. It was really helpful and we learnt so much from it, this lesson will come in handy
in the future.

This trip has been so instructive and we are so thankful for this opportunity. It took us by surprise to see how the school system is different from what we know. The girls from St Margaret’s have been so welcoming and have treated us with great hospitality. We have a lot in common with them and we have grown close. Mrs Faherty has been so lovely and we are so thankful for having her as our guardian, she has been like our second mum on this visit. We are looking forward to see our partners again in Iceland and we want to thank everyone who has made this trip possible.