On 16th March, in the morning we went to “þingvellir” (Thingvellir). It was natural and so beautiful and no filters were needed for the pictures I took! Even though we slipped several times due to the snow, the scenery was extravagant and we had a great time J. Our next destination was “Geysir” (Geysers), where the water was 80°- 100°, so there was barriers to protect people from getting hurt. We all stood by this massive geyser and waited for it to erupt and then run away before it sprayed water on us. The first time it erupted I got completely soaked. The last place we visited was Gullfoss. This, in my opinion was the most memorising area we went to. The waterfall was huge and just hearing the gushing water was sensational.


I think that Iceland is one of the most naturally striking places in the world. The landscapes are beautiful and the local people love and take care of the landscapes so well.