On Tuesday five students + one teacher went on a visit to CCP games. CCP games is and Icelandic gaming company known for their game EVE online that has become one of the biggest online games in the world. They specialize in making online games and VR (virtual reality) games. Visitors were welcomed by a woman named Þorbjörg Sæmundsdóttir, director of financial, planning and analysis, she took them on a tour through the company, showing the workplace, which looked really great. She explained different departments of the company and how they are able to create a game like EVE online. Þorbjörg held a presentation about EVE online to the visitors to show them how big this game has become, how it works and what the company is working on next. She talked about Fanfest which is held for fans from all over the world, that play the game, they all gather at Harpan to meet, play and have fun. She said that’s one of the greatest things, seeing the fans come together and enjoy spending time together. Later on Þorbjörg took the visitors to a “playroom” where they met Hafdís Hreiðarsdóttir, associate producer. Visitors got to try out a VR game, called Spark, that the company was still developing and plan on releasing next summer. All visitors agreed that the VR experience was really fun and they would definitely want to try something like that again. Everyone found the company very interesting, getting to see the amazing work CCP games does and how good the atmosphere inside the company and we really thank CCP games for the visit!

You can find more information about CCP games on their website https://www.ccpgames.com/