Lots of work, and fun

The first gathering in Sykkylven in connection with the Erasmus + project «Crossroads for the future» took place in March 2017. 15 students from Pamplona and 13 students from Waregem participated this week together with their norwegian hosts and teachers from the three schools.

At school the students worked with the project, supervised by the teachers, and all of them presented their results by the end of the week. It was many hours of hard work with the assignment, but in the end everybody was satisfied with the results.

The project work is only one part of the exchange. Hosts and guest had many activities in their freetime, together or with their families.

The families are an important assets to the project, and are responsible for the food court on Monday evening. In addition to lots of local food,  the guest students provided some specialities from their home country. The entertainment was the local group «Skadefryd» and a folk dance group. After their performance the audience was encouraged to join in, which many did. Probably a good thing after eating so much food.

During the week the students also got to experience cross country skiing at Fjellsætra with bonfire and barbecuing sausages over the open fire.  There were also time to exploring Ålesund, and the Atlanterhavsparken aquarium.

A week goes fast, and suddenly the time came for goodbying to newfound friends. Hopefully both guests and hosts have made memorable moments.


Flipped Classroom

Groupwork i Sykkylven