The 27th of October we went to Ghent.

We started our trip in the station and walked through the Citadelpark. It is very nice to have such a peaceful park in the vibrant city. Then we continued our trip to St. Peter’s Square. In Ghent, there are a lot of squares, with their own restaurants, coffee shops and places where people can sit down and rest. We walked to the old center of the city, where we visited the Belfry. On the ground floor we could see a sculpting of four knights. The tower consisted of four floors. On the first floor we could see a big dragon, made of iron. It was a copy of one of the dragons that you could find on the top of the Belfry. On the other floors we saw a lot of bells. Finally when we were all the way up, we could go outside and we had a nice view over the entire city. Regrettably there was a lot of fog, so we could not see very much.

We continued our trip and we also saw St. Bavo’s Cathedral, the town hall, St. Michael’s Church, the ‘Castle of the counts’ and a lot of other historical buildings.
In the afternoon we went to the museum about the history of the city, called ‘STA’M’. There we could see a scale model of the entire city. That was very spectacular because Ghent is a big city. When we compare it to Bruges, it is much bigger.

As we continued our tour in the museum, we could discover more about the old city. The museum was divided in different rooms. One room was about the kings who reigned in that period. There, you could see a whole family tree decorated on the walls. In another room we could find old ceramic vases and old coins. They had a great collection of old weapons and armours, like swords, lances and shields. The museum had also a great art gallery with a lot of old paintings and original sculpting of famous artists of the old city. It was wonderful that the painters could paint something so detailed that you had to look close to the painting to analyse what they painted. At the end of the tour, we could see LEGO-shaped scale models of the Belfry and we could build something ourselves as well. That was very original. After we visited the museum, we walked back to the train station and went back to Waregem.

Our impression of Ghent is that there were always a lot of people walking on the streets. There was a lot of noise and cars, something that you do not appreciate in Bruges. That is why some of us prefer Bruges. But we thought it was a lovely city, with a great history and beautiful monuments.

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