Saturday 21-01-2017

After a long trip the students arrived in Gent, where the Belgians picked them up. Then they had some family time to get to know their host families. After that, the whole group went eating fries at a ‘Frituur’ in Waregem. Then they all went to a local bar called Bar Choque to get to know each other. After Bar Choque they went home.

Sunday 22-01-2017

The group had a free day to spent some family time. Louis and Clémence chose to take Guomundur and Lára to Knokke (sea-side). There they met the other Erasmus students: the Hungarians and their Belgian hosts. There they rent a go-cart and walked at the beach. Afterwards they went to a snooker bar to play a game and drink something. In the evening they went to a restaurant. Some of the other students went to Brussels or went to a the Chiro.Monday 23-01-2017

The day started at school with an introduction to the other Erasmus students (Belgian- Scottish-Norwegian-Hungarian delegation). Then the students got a tour in the school and we played some get-to-know games with each other. We all went to the school restaurant for lunch. In the afternoon we needed to work on our Erasmus project. In the evening everybody prepared for the food court with the students and the parents. After the foodcourt, we went with the train to a bowling in Kortrijk.Tuesday 24-01-2017

The day started again at school and we got to work again on our project work. We got lunch again at the school restaurant. In the afternoon we left for Bruges. In Bruges we saw a lot of historical things and culture. Afterwards we got some free time and spend it to eat dinne
r and to visit some shops.

Wednesday 25-01-2017

We kept working on our project work. We ate at the school restaurant again. In the afternoon we got some free time. Bar Choque (the local bar in Waregem) organized an afternoon for the exchange students and almost everybody went there. The others went shopping in Waregem or Kortrijk. In the evening most of the students went home(except for the Norwegians, they went to Gent to eat spareribs in the famous Amadeus).Thursday 26-01-2017

For our project work, we went to a school in Kortrijk where students can learn how to make games. It was a very interesting school where we saw how games are made and how difficult it is to make a great game. In the afternoon we went to Gent. In Gent we got a bike to go see the city, we also got some free time to go shopping and eating dinner. Most of the students ate at the famous Amadeus (spareribs restaurant).
   Friday 27-01-2017

On friday, all the groups had to present their projectwork to each other and to the teachers. We ate at the school restaurant. In the afternoon, the Icelandic delegation went to Kortrijk with their teacher and the Belgian delegation had some free time. The Norwegian delegation prepared a barbeque for all the delegations in the evening. After the barbecue, we all went home because the Icelandic delegation had to leave early in the morning.  Saturday 28-01-2017

We had to say goodbye to each other early in the morning and the Icelandic delegation left for Amsterdam, because there they would take the plane. After a long trip they finally arrived home.