Student meetings of the second year (2017-2018)

  • In October between the days 16 and 23, students from the UK are going to Sykkylven, and they will do a project together.
  • After that, the students from Waregem and Sykkylven will go to Pamplona in October between the days 20 and 27, and then they will work in another project.
  • Students from Sykkylven are going to the UK between the days 6 and 13. Students from Waregem and Sykkylven are going to Iceland at the same time.
  • Finally, in March students from Waregem and Pamplona are going to Sykkylven between the days 5 and 12 and students from Sykkylven, Pamplona and Iceland are going to Waregem between the days 17 and 24.