This project was based on digital technology, and the main goal of the working activity during the visit to Sykkylven, Norway, was to provide the students with an insight of computer programming. Learn to program, program in order to learn.

The SMB students and Norwegian students were divided in groups of 4 students. Each group generated a “Scratch clip”. The “scratch clip” was the resulting outcome of a programming sequence.

Student’s opinions about the project:

How did we find out about scratch? None of us knew what scratch was, or how it worked. Upon arriving at the school (Sykkylven VGs), we were informed that scratch was a simple, user-friendly computer programming website. Initially, the group found the program hard to manage because no one of us knew how to make an animation, and even more importantly, how to computer program. After exploring the website, we developed our skills and slowly learnt how to navigate around and create a scratch video.

Creating our Scratch video While creating this video, we encountered some issues. First was our chosen theme. We deliberated what theme we should choose, with our team wanting to pick one that we were interested in. Second was the assigned role of each member of the team, in the end deciding it was best that only two people worked on the way in which our video was created, the other two evaluating our project.

Purpose of using scratch Scratch is a block-based programming language designed to be easy to use. Scratch is often used as a beginning language, to teach people to code. With Scratch you can code your own games an animation and stories. Scratch teaches young people to be creative, to think systematically and to co-cooperate. In this century it is important to know about coding and be given an opportunity to understand it as it will be more prevalent and important in the near future with the rise of technology.

Future-usen Scratch is an ideal tool for teaching students how to code. Scratch is an open source system that enables individuals to program interactive stories, games and animations. Instead of typing code, Scratch uses visual blocks like puzzle pieces to create a program. As technology continues to develop and grow, the use of coding will become more significant. We believe that technology such as scratch is useful for learning the basic logistics of coding, and will inspire more people to develop an interest in coding and programming.

Teamwork The initial discussion of ideas and decisions on the topic gave us the chance to work together well and we had no problem working together and agreeing on an initial concept which combined a few ideas each such as the representation of travelling and showing the contrasts between our cultures. As none of us knew how to use Scratch, more individual energy was put towards understanding the programme rather than us all working together as we thought it was more important for one of us to have a solid understanding of how to use Scratch meaning our work became a bit detached. However, we had no problems working together and really enjoyed seeing each other’s input.

Of course our students also have the time to explore Norway and to get to know Norwegian people better.

Students opinions about Norway and Norwegians:

“The trip to Norway was unbelievably amazing and fantastic. Before the trip, I have had only seen the pictures of Norway online, it was so different when you could see the gorgeous views like the snow-mountains just behind the house you live in or the polar lights which just suddenly appeared on your way back home and simultaneously, it was literally surprising and shocking: fairy tales are true. I have heard that Norwegian people are really good hosts – my experience in Norway has proved that statement. Norwegian people are passionate, nice and kind to a great extent, everyone in our school-group there has been treated nicely and I believe everyone had a really good time in this beautiful country. “   Even Year 12


Our trip to Norway was an unbelievable experience, and I can truthfully say it was one of the best trips I have ever been on. Two bumpy flights, one almost broken down minibus and a dark ferry was what it took to arrive at sykkylven, but it was very much worth it  as we were all blown away at how beautiful the town and the scenery of the surrounding mountains was. The girls and their families were extremely kind, the whole group connected really quickly and there was not a day where we weren’t laughing and fun. A few of us were extremely lucky to see the northern lights while driving home – it was an unbelievably amazing sight, and it is something I can now tick off my bucket list! I would love to travel to Norway again someday and I can’t wait for the girls to come to London, we all miss them already!   Sophie Year 12


I can honestly say that I’ve never experienced anything like our trip to Norway – I never expected for it to be as beautiful as it was! The setting of Sykkylven was beautiful and you could see the snow on top of the mountains. One of the best days was when we all hiked to a public cabin in the woods where we cooked sausages on spears over the fire, not a typical way for us to lunch. The girls, their families and, what seems to be, all Norwegian people were incredibly friendly and hospitable towards us all and I can’t wait to see all the girls again. Bring on London!   Megan Year 12