Date: 02-9/03 2018


Another fun and interesting week

In March 2018 over 50 students were participating in the International week at Sykkylven vgs. Students from Pamplona, Iceland and Waregem  were together with the norwegian students in av week filled with lots of work, food, excursions and of course lots of fun.

The students from abroad arrived at different times, but for all of them it started with family activities in the weekend. The guest got to see the beautiful scenery in the area, and they all went to a trip to Roalden, a mountain reached by cable car.

However, it is the learning and work that is in focus during this meetings, and Monday all the students gathered at school to participate in the assigned task.

The food court  on Monday evening has a long tradition in these exchanges. The parents are hosting, and prepare food and entertainment for students and teachers.  The guest also bring traditional food, and sweets/desserts from their country. This evening is an opportunity for the families to participate in the exchange, and meet the teachers and other students.

There are other things that has become a tradition when we have the international week. A trip to Ålesund is always on the agenda, this year we visited the NMK ( Norwegian senter for maritim activities), where the students got to try managing a ferry by using a simulator. There were also time to explore the city og Ålesund and the view from Aksla overlooking the city and the islands nearby.

A part of the norwegian experience is of course skiing. The 1st graders in our school has a day of «fun in the snow with skies» and is ha become a tradition that the foreign students (and teachers) participate in this event. For some of them this is the first time they have skies on their feet, and even if they have done it before, this is new for most. Bonfire and ski jumping, cross country and getting warm from the sun and activities, and wet from the snow, all this is something that are regarded as something exotic by the guests.   The families provide the equipment, often by borrowing from friends and family. Some of the students went to go slalom in the evening with their hosts, and some of them even spent the night in a traditional norwegian cottage.

The project work went on well, and the results was presented at school on Friday morning. If you want to see some of the results from the project work, you can find it HERE (link?)

The formal part of the week ended here, but for some there were still activities with family and friends. Learning and experience is just one part, making friends are also an important part of the project.