Meeting in Sykkylven

The students from “Sykkylven Vidaregåande” participated in an exchange together with students from the Basque Country, Iceland and Belgium. 43 students with different nationalities where gathered at Sykkylven VGs from the 23rd to the 30th of March. During their stay here in our small town Sykkylven, the students had the opportunity to experience many memorable events such as cross-country skiing, tasting typical Norwegian food and the beautiful city of Aalesund. Most of the students arrived on Saturday the 23rd, and after their arrival the students gathered and took part in different activities. The remaining students arrived the 24th, and together with their hosts they ate Norwegian tacos in the school cafeteria.


  • On Monday, after school, the participants and the host families took part in the food court, where everyone had the opportunity to try food from Belgium, Spain/Basque country, Iceland and Norway. During the food court, every school presented videos or presentations of their hometown, country and school. Some of the Norwegian students performed an Norwegian traditional dance. In all it was a successful evening.


  • On Tuesday the students were divided into small groups of approximately six students from different nations. Together they worked on different projects that they all presented at the end of the week.


  • On Wednesday the school went to “Fjellsætra” where everyone had the chance to try cross country skiing. Some of the Norwegian students made different bonfires and obstacle courses, while the remaining students went skiing. Afterwards everyone gathered around the bonfires and barbecued


  • Thursday, the whole school went on a field trip to NMK in Aalesund. After the NMK visit, everyone went to the centre of Aalesund, were all the students participated in a geotagging-challenge and a picture-competition.


  • A lot of the exchange students had to leave on Friday, but luckily before they left, every group had the chance to showcase their work. The remaining students went to one of the furniture museums here in Sykkylven.

During their spare time, the students and their guests often gathered in groups. Some of them went to Huset or Raus, one of the local restaurants, while others had movie nights, went on cabin trips or different outings. It was in conclusion an interesting and educational week full of memorable experiences.

Ane og Frida, 2ST1

Interview object: Aitana from the Basque Country

Interviewer 1: Ida

1: Where are you from?

A: I am from Pamplona, Noáin

1: How old are you?

A: I am 16 years old

1: Why did you decide to join the erasmus plus project?

A: Because I like to travel a lot and to learn about new cultures.

1: What is your experience with the erasmus plus?

A: I has been a really good experience, because I am really good with my exchange partners

1: Do you think the projecwork is useful for the schools and the future?

A: yes, i think so

1: What do you think of using media in schools?

A: we don’t use them.