Day of arrival

Friday, Sep 28 th

On Friday morning at 10:30, the Icelandic hosts, went to Keflavík airport to pick up their guests from Norway.

After dropping off their luggage at the hosts homes, they went to FB and waited for the Belgians to arrive.

At 17 pm all 22 of us went to the bowling alley, where we ate pizzas and bowled.

On the way home some of the students decided to go to an adrenalin park called Rush. Jumping around and wrestling.  

Almost all of the students at “Rush”.

Exploring Reykjavik

Saturday, September, 29th

The penis museum

After meeting up in downtown Reykjavik we visited the penis museum. It was quite an interesting experience as we saw penises from many different animals in different sizes and shapes. As we ventured further in the world of penises we discovered many works of art made by different cultures. The most fun was to be had in the giftshop where many change souvenirs caught our eyes.

Tinna having fun at the penis museum.

Johanne and Tuva posing in fornt of this strange penis.


After the museum we went to Hallgrímskirkja which is the one of the main landmarks of Reykjavik. We went to the top of the church, took a look at this amazing city from above.



Later we went to Kolaportiđ, a big indoor flea market where you could buy anything from food and souvenirs to toys and clothing. We walked around for a bit and explored the many market stalls.

Sebastian and Jens in pink at the flea market.

Harpa concert hall

We also did a quick visit to the Harpa concert hall and conference centre, where we looked around and discovered the building. After this visit we went home and later the Belgians and Norwegians did different activities.

The cool design of “Harpa”.


The Belgian students went swimming with their hosts. The nude showers came as a very big shock to the Belgians as they’re used to having individual changing rooms.

Church and climbing

The Norwegians went to church for a youth movement meeting and went climbing later.

Tuva and Sebastian in the climbing hall.

Road trip around Reykjanes and «The blue lagoon”

Sunday, sep 30 th

Dry fish heads

We left the school in separate cars around 1 pm, all excited and ready for the road trip. We drove like 30 minutes in the nice Icelandic landscape, until we arrived our first stop. We stopped in an area with dry fish heads. There were a lot of fish heads, hanging on stands made of wood. It was a fascinating experience, but the smell was disgusting.

Happy students in front of dry fish heads.


Further away we stopped at “Kleifarvatn”, right beside the road. We were surrounded by nice mountains and calm, clear water. The sand bottom was a mixture of black and grey sand.

Here you can see the color of the sand.


The third stop was “Gunnuhver”, which is a geothermal area of boiling mud pools. It was really fascinating and special.

The spectacular geothermal area.


Afterwards we stopped at “Strandarkirkja”, which is a church that is located at the beach in Selvogur. Both the church and the location were beautiful.

We ate our lunch or “nesti” (which it is called in Icelandic) on the benches outside of the church.

“The blue lagoon”

The last stop was “The blue lagoon”. “The blue lagoon” is a geothermal spa in Reykjanes. It`s located in a lava field, and the water is ca 37-39 °C. In the lagoon we got skin masks and free drinks. Everybody was enjoying the stay.

The swimming area.

Anita, Johanne and Tuva posing in front of “The blue lagoon”.

Project work

Monday, oct 1st

We started our day with seeing the presentation that the Belgium and Norwegians had prepared. Then we where divided into groups, to work, brainstorm and make a presentation.

Later that day we visited Fablab. There we saw and learned about 3D 2printing – vinyl cutters- laser cutters and CVC.

That evening we made dinner for everyone.

The Norwegians made “lakserull” for the appetizers, that’s salmon wrapped into tortilla wraps with spinach and sauce.

The Icelanders made “ plokkfiskur” for the main course, that’s fish stew with potatoes and onions.

Soley is feeding all of her kids.

And the Belgians made “ chocomousse” for dessert , that’s chocolate mousse.

While we were eating dinner, the principal of FB came to meet us. She held a small speech just to thank all of us for participating

As a thank you the Belgian teacher gave the principal some Belgian chocolate and the Norwegian teacher gave her a purse, made out of moose skin.

Project work, visiting and partying

Tuesday, october 2nd

More project work

On Tuesday we continued to work on our interesting projects from 8h30 until eleven.


After the project work we visited two companies who work with VR. First we went to Efla, a consultancy company, and later we went to Flowvr where they combine meditation with virtual reality.

Visiting “Efla”.


When we finished the VR-experience we went swimming with the entire group to this amazing pool with a cool wave pool.


In the evening we all went to Àsta Bìna‘s house for a small party. She made a delicious cake and we had lots of fun.

The golden circle

Wednesday, october 3rd


We all gathered at the old entrance at school at 8:30 am but left school with a bus aroiund 8:45 and headed to Geysir. It took about an hour to drive to Geysir and we stayed there to watch the geysirs „explode“ for about 45 minutes. Afterwards we looked in the gift shop and then went back to the bus.

Julie and Asta Bina at the gift shop.


We drove for about 10 minutes until we arrived at Golden falls. The golden falls were beautiful! We also stayed there for 45 minutes and before leaving we looked around in the gift shop of course.


We were in the bus for about 45 minutes when we came to Þingvellir, national park. It was very beautiful and everyone looked around and saw pretty things.

Robbe enjoying the spot with gras.

Tinna and Oskar in front of the beautiful landscape.

The night

Everyone had dinner at their own houses or went out and afterwards we saw a movie. Most of us went to Mamma mia but some at Night school. After the movie everyone went home.




  • name: Krstín Guðrún Jónsdóttir
  • age: 38 years old, Iceland
  • hobbies/job: teacher, sports, outdoors and traveling
  • alcohol/tobacco: against tobacco but alcohol is okay in moderation
  • relationship status: married
  • hopes and dreams: to survive this week
  • biggest fear: something happens to my family
  • meaning of life: be happy. Live life like it‘s your last day.

  • name: Cathrine Hole
  • age: Feel like 25
  • hobbies/job: Teacher in chemistry and math. Skiing, hiking, sailing , knitting and my dogs and children
  • alcohol/tobacco: Happy because the rules about tobacco are strict because it has helped people to quit smoking, it is bad for your health. Like wine but Norwegians binge drink alot and as a mother I am worried about it
  • relationship status: Happily married
  • hopes and dreams: That my children will reach their hopes and dreams
  • biggest fear: Losing one of my kids
  • meaning of life: 42

  • name: Siska Vandenberghe
  • age: 48 years old
  • hobbies/job: been teaching for 25 years, wich is also kind of my hobby. I lke to read, travel and love to do zumba.
  • alcohol/tobacco: I like alcohol, but it‘s slightly turning into a problematic issue. I think it‘s a good thing that smoking isn‘t allowed in public
  • relationship status: happily married
  • hopes and dreams: that my daughters have. Agreat life and are happy and healthy and get some grandchildren
  • biggest fear: losing people who are dear to me in a early stage of life
  • meaning of life: „Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it is about learning to dance in the rain“

  • name: Brynja Stefánsdóttir
  • age: 44 years old
  • hobbies/job: Triathlon, reading books and skiing. I am a teacher
  • alcohol/tobacco: Tobacco is disgusting in any form and alcohol is okay if it‘s consumed in small amounts by adults
  • relationship status: single
  • hopes and dreams: That my children will be happy and succesful and that I will be fit enough to do all the things I want to do before I drop dead
  • biggest fear: I‘m a daredevil, I‘m afraid of hights in uncontrolled situations
  • meaning of life: enjoying every minute

  • name: Robbe Coorevits
  • age:17 years old, Belgium
  • hobbies/job: acting, KLJ(drunk scouts), elderly home, teach programming 2 kidz
  • alcohol/tobacco: loooooves beer, tobacco is okay in parties
  • relationship status: girlfriend for 5 months
  • hopes and dreams: hopes he´s rich as f*%&, and  has good family and job
  • biggest fear: CLOWNS
  • meaning of life: life has no meaning

  • name: Tinna María Clausen
  • age: 17 years old, Iceland
  • hobbies/job:  Being with friends, Hagkaup
  • alcohol/tobacco: I have no opinion
  • relationship status: Single af, please date me,
  • hopes and dreams: Happy family, happy wife happy life
  • biggest fear: Clowns and losing my mom
  • meaning of life: Life is pointless.

  • name: Anika Védís Björnsdóttir
  • age: 17 years old, Iceland
  • hobbies/job: sleeping, eating, annoying Tinna, repeat and working at Hagkaup
  • alcohol/tobacco: not against it, but minors should not use it
  • relationship status: single af
  • hopes and dreams: to be happy
  • biggest fear: clowns, hights and spiders
  • meaning of life: 42

  • name: Eileen Støylen Ebbesvik
  • age: 15 years old, Norway
  • hobbies/job: singing in a choir, play the piano, listen to “Toto” and eating cheese doodles with a fork.
  • alcohol/tobacco: Don‘t use either of it, but it‘s okay when you‘re taking care of yourself and follow the rules
  • relationship status: taken
  • hopes and dreams: Having the chance to help people and have a nice family
  • biggest fear: Fire
  • meaning of life: Be kind and help the people around you.

  • name: Daan Vervacke
  • age:17 years old, Belgium
  • hobbies/job: play piano, editor and works for code fever
  • alcohol/tobacco: loves alcohol and dosent mind about people who smoke
  • relationship status: in a relationship
  • hopes and dreams: try to get rich
  • biggest fear: bees and wasps
  • meaning of life: is there a meaning?

  • name: Kristleifur Óskar Stefnisson
  • age: 18 years old, Iceland
  • hobbies/job: sleep, hlölla bátar
  • alcohol/tobacco: supports it, legal age should be 16 years
  • relationship status: single
  • hopes and dreams: be rich and have a nice family
  • biggest fear: screw everything up in life
  • meaning of life: living

  • name: Sebastian Andreassen
  • age: 16 years old, Norway
  • hobbies/job: acrobatics and a gymnastic trainer
  • alcohol/tobacco: eww
  • relationship status: Julie
  • hopes and dreams: a family
  • biggest fear: not being loved
  • meaning of life: love

  • name: Aníta Rós Kingo Andersen
  • age: 18 years old, Iceland
  • hobbies/job: pole fitness, boss lady at “Gardenhome”
  • alcohol/tobacco: I‘m drunk now
  • relationship status: in a relationship
  • hopes and dreams: I dream of having a pole in my home
  • biggest fear: not having a pole
  • meaning of life: pole is life „No pole no life“

  • name: Léa Declerck
  • age: 17 years old, Belgium
  • hobbies/job: tennis and kickbox, works in the company of her step father
  • alcohol/tobacco: hate people who don‘t know their boundaries
  • relationship status: in a relationship
  • hopes and dreams: to become a pilot but not for big planes
  • biggest fear: to die before I complete my goals
  • meaning of life: having fun, getting the most out of if

  • name: Julie Bueide Grimstad
  • age: 16 years old, Norway
  • hobbies/job: play soccer and work at a restaurant
  • alcohol/tobacco: doesn‘t have an opinion
  • relationship status: Sebastian
  • hopes and dreams: be happy and have a family
  • biggest fear: hights
  • meaning of life: to enjoy life to it‘s fullest

  • name: Ásta Bína Long
  • age: 17 years old, Iceland
  • hobbies/job: Sing and work out, work at an ice cream store and T.G.I FRIDAYS
  • alcohol/tobacco: sí amigo
  • relationship status: Mikael Bjarni is his name
  • hopes and dreams: live in a small apartment and have a fun job
  • biggest fear: Tinna‘s laughter
  • meaning of life: pointless

  • name: Julien Willy Els Naert
  • age: 17 years old, Belgium
  • hobbies/job: unemployed, rugby
  • alcohol/tobacco: it‘s fine to smoke, but you have to handle your liquer(I don‘t smoke
  • relationship status: single 😉
  • hopes and dreams: GET F&UC%/$G RICH, MEGA YACHT
  • biggest fear: spiders
  • meaning of life: it‘s meaningless

  • name: Jens Elí Gunnarsson Boss (coolest guy on earth)
  • age: 18 years old, Iceland
  • hobbies/job: Carpenter, wearing Boss clothes
  • alcohol/tobacco: it‘s not healthy for you but I like it
  • relationship status: single
  • hopes and dreams: be the boss and have a big carpenter company
  • biggest fear: someone has more Boss clothes than me
  • meaning of life: To live and follow Jesus Christ…./Boss

  • name: Laurent De Baerdemaeker
  • age: 16 years old, Belgium
  • hobbies/job: working with fabrics, butcher
  • alcohol/tobacco: loves alcohol, but hates tobacco
  • relationship status: single
  • hopes and dreams: that there will become a time when we can meet the dead again, peace on earth and no materialism
  • biggest fear: God
  • meaning of life: believing and serving God and seeing and loving your family

  • name: Monika Jóhanna Karlsdóttir
  • age: 17 years old
  • hobbies/job: works at a bakery. Making art, 3D modeling and drawing
  • alcohol/tobacco: People can calm down a bit, they think it‘s the cool thing to do, so they do it to fit in.
  • relationship status: single
  • hopes and dreams: to live past the age 18
  • biggest fear: dying before 18
  • meaning of life: RÚV

  • name: Agnar Örn Sigurðarson
  • age: 18 years old, Iceland
  • hobbies/job. mountain bikinggg
  • alcohol/tobacco: waste of my time
  • relationship status: married to my bike, my girlfriend is not happy
  • hopes and dreams: being a professional male stripper/pole dancer
  • biggest fear: chimps
  • meaning of life: ADHD

  • name: Johanne Hjortdal
  • age: 16 years old, Norway
  • hobbies/job: handball and coaches two teams, refiree at games, politics
  • alcohol/tobacco: REALLY BAD
  • relationship status: single
  • hopes and dreams: to be super talented in everything
  • biggest fear: sharks
  • meaning of life: to be very super talented

  • name: Jana Verkinderen
  • age: 17 years old, Belgium
  • hobbies/job: ksa, youth movement
  • alcohol/tobacco: it’s normal
  • relationship status: taken
  • hopes and dreams: travel alot, see the world
  • biggest fear: losing my best friend
  • meaning of life: live your life

  • name: Tuva Aure
  • age: 16 years old, Norway
  • hobbies/job: plays handball, politics, loves music and being with friends, handball teacher
  • alcohol/tobacco: I like having fun
  • relationship status: single and ready to mingle
  • hopes and dreams: wants to be on RuPaulsdrag race
  • biggest fear: sharks
  • meaning of life: partying

  • name: Þórey Elva Guðnadóttir
  • age: 17 years old, Iceland
  • hobbies/job: unemployed, enjoy drawing
  • alcohol/tobacco: don‘t have a specific opinion
  • relationship status: single
  • hopes and dreams: have a successful life, have a job, have a home and work in art, be a billionaire
  • biggest fear: I‘m not scared of anything
  • meaning of life: live

  • name: Sóley Adda Egilsdóttir
  • age: 18 years old, Iceland
  • hobbies/job: works at “Byko” and at the church
  • alcohol/tobacco: church wine is okay
  • relationship status: taken
  • hopes and dreams: I already know how to whistle
  • biggest fear: a day without icecubes
  • meaning of life: to be nice to everyone and everything