First experiences

My first impression about the village was that the surrounding villages are much closer to Waregem than the surrounding villages are to Pamplona. I cannot imagine I would go to my school by bicycle. Everything is very close to each other and I like that. The style of the houses is very different from our country. In the middle of the city there is a lovely park, where people can walk and enjoy the nature. Waregem is also much greener than Pamplona. But something that I miss about my country is the weather. Here it is very cold.

If we compare our school to the school in Waregem, their school is much older than ours. It also looks more strict than ours does. When they form a line to go to their classes, everybody who sits in the first, second or third year has to be quiet. That is something we did not know and we found it a bit shocking, as we do not have to form lines to go to our classes.

I thought it was very strange that, during lunchtime, they just put their bags on the ground as they were going to have lunch. That is something I would never do in my school. Because there, all of our valuable objects might be stolen.

The type of food is also a bit different. We are used to eating some bread slices with every meal, as something additional. Here in Waregem, we realized they do not have this habit and they just have bread for sandwiches.

The first impression about the Belgian houses is that they are very big and look very expensive. In Pamplona there are mainly small apartments, although if we get to the surroundings and small villages around, we can also find big houses.

We think this project – crossroads with the future – is very interesting because now, we definitely have to talk to each other and we can improve our English level. Their English skills are much better than ours because they are used to watching English movies and listen to English music. Their language sounds also a bit similar to the English language, as they belong to the same linguistic family.

It is very hard to say negative things about this city because our first impression was very good.

– Mikel Mencos, Itziar Gonzalez, Txomin Astiz