The Erasmus+ project


Students and teachers from Norway and Belgium travelled to Pamplona in Spain to work together on a project where the students had to create an informative blog/site. By writing this blog we, the students, can inform you of our work at the San Fermin Ikastola. Here we are going to tell you what we are doing each day. You can subscribe and comment on our site so that we can give you, our readers, a good experience. If you want to contact us, you can follow us on the social media shown above the text.

The Erasmus+ students

First student meeting (16th of January)

Today is the first day that we all meet together in San Fermin Ikastola, Pamplona. We started the day with a presentation about Waregem, Belgium, and Sykkylven, Norway.  Afterwards we had a tour around the school, we continued with the website, writing texts and uploading pictures.

In the afternoon there was a food court with specialities from each country. We prepared the food and shared it with the students and their families.

– Written by Nathan Vandamme from Waregem, Belgium

Second student meeting (18th of January) 

Today we had our second student meeting. During this meeting we uploaded photos of what we did yesterday in the city of Pamplona. We also wrote about our impressions of this beautiful city and our experiences. While we were touring in Pamplona/Iruña, we visited the City Hall and the Palace of Navarra to learn more about Iruña and its history. Yesterday was our second day in Pamplona and the Norwegians as well as the Belgians thought this was a great opportunity to take a lot of pictures to document our trip. Through this experience we learnt more about the way of life and the culture of the Basque people. Shopping was of course an important part of the city tour and we had a lot of fun. You can read more about this under the subsection Impressions.

Later we all listened to a presentation by David Rhymes about SEO (Search Engine Optimalisation). When listening to this presentation we got a better understanding of how the internet and websites work. We learned how to make this site better so that you as a reader, get a better experience. We are working on getting more popularity and better advertisement. Hopefully you can enjoy this site better in the future.

– Edited and written by Marion and Thea from Sykkylven, Norway 

Third Student meeting (20th of January)

Today is being an extremely busy day for us, the students. After waking up full of energy, we have arrived to school and see our schedule:

8:10-9:15→ Work

9:15-9:45→ Tanborrada

9:45-10:05→ Work

10:05-10:30→ Break

10:30-12:00→ Work

12:00-12:30→ Break

12:30-13:45→ Presentations

Our group, the fifth, has the mission of writing about what other students do, so that’s what we are doing. Apart of ours, there are five more groups . The first one has the objective of telling you about the tour we did yesterday: visiting the most important places in Donostia (San Sebastian). We visited a great number of places, so they will have to write also a lot!

The second group’s work is related with the previous one: they are writing about the free time in Donostia. They can speak about many things, as each of us did something different: Some went to the mountain, other went (again) shopping. They probably should speak about the “super-traditional” lunch we had in the McDonalds

To finish with that day, the third group will talk about the free time we had in the evening, after returning to Iruñea. They have a great deal of anecdotes to tell…

Today (20th of January), is the San Sebastian’s day. To celebrate that, we do a kind of “danborrada” in our school, and group number four is the one who have to write about it.

The last group, the sixth, is going to edit all the videos we have been recording during this week. And, all together, we will put all the photos we have in the website, so we can laugh a bit. That’s all! Let’s start!